Time for Media Intervention! How do we make sense of the world at large, our world, and others’ worlds is one indispensable question that should be asked each time we feel something. Feeling something, to me, is a primitive right of any living organism to (re-)embody the embodied. You may define it in terms of the […]

Looking back five or ten years ago, we were just younger versions of ourselves struggling to grasp a sense of the present (at that time) and think real hard about what’s awaiting us in five or ten years’ time. Or what we might become; what we’re expecting from ourselves, from society, from the world… Obviously, […]

If in this day and age we want to proliferate and accelerate scientific discoveries through the World Wide Web, good intentions ain’t enough. Cooperation is the key.  Let me unpack this slowly and section-by-section. Foundations of Science In 1970, scientific progress was utterly a formidable job for any scientist who intended to bring about change […]

I’m going to start off this post with my understandings of the dynamic nature of a Network Culture. I will try my best to put together a diagram to illustrate my perceptions on this topic. A Population of Simple Machines as Building Blocks to A Living Organism Imagine a cluster of machines organised with interconnections, […]

Transitions in the music industry are a hot topic that often evokes discussions around concepts like framing and transversality, which are practices and phenomena that interact in complex ways, to improve (or perhaps restrict) media consumption and reach, along technological evolution. Conglomerates reign, a glory pastime In the past, and perhaps not very long ago, […]

To me, bringing the ordinary sense of reality to a mediated one, be it virtual or augmented reality, the technical agent’s job is to mobilise the dimensionality of information to certain but variable degrees. My most intimate experiences with any kind of mixed realities are perhaps 3D movie-watching, encountering photos on Facebook with which I […]

I’m going to start this discussion with the recount of my trip to Japan two years ago. My Story Well, basically, I went to Osaka and Kyoto with two of my college friends. And our site-seeing was proudly led by our cameras the whole time. To recollect and, perhaps in the attempt to make more […]