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Art and Aesthetics Mediated Through Technology

Time for Media Intervention! How do we make sense of the world at large, our world, and others’ worlds is one indispensable question that should be asked each time we feel something. Feeling something, to me, is a primitive right of any living organism to (re-)embody the embodied. You may define it in terms of the […]

The Future in Retrospect

Looking back five or ten years ago, we were just younger versions of ourselves struggling to grasp a sense of the present (at that time) and think real hard about what’s awaiting us in five or ten years’ time. Or what we might become; what we’re expecting from ourselves, from society, from the world… Obviously, […]


I’m going to start off this post with my understandings of the dynamic nature of a Network Culture. I will try my best to put together a diagram to illustrate my perceptions on this topic. A Population of Simple Machines as Building Blocks to A Living Organism Imagine a cluster of machines organised with interconnections, […]