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Art and Aesthetics Mediated Through Technology

Time for Media Intervention! How do we make sense of the world at large, our world, and others’ worlds is one indispensable question that should be asked each time we feel something. Feeling something, to me, is a primitive right of any living organism to (re-)embody the embodied. You may define it in terms of the […]

Global Mnemotechnics as Extensions of the Mind

I’m going to start this discussion with the recount of my trip to Japan two years ago. My Story Well, basically, I went to Osaka and Kyoto with two of my college friends. And our site-seeing was proudly led by our cameras the whole time. To recollect and, perhaps in the attempt to make more […]

First, Thinkers. Then, Media Ecologies: do we actually know what we’re dealing with?

As citizens of this technological world today, it is difficult for anyone to precisely map out the media in terms of its effects on, and power over, societies and cultures that are evolving eternally. Indeed, this is a statement that can be disputed anytime by looking at the dominance of culture over technology. Technological Determinism […]